Sizzle Your Social Media: 30 Restaurant Social Media Post Ideas to Tempt Your Audience

restaurant social media post ideas

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for restaurants to connect with their customers, create a buzz, and fill those tables. However, coming up with fresh and engaging social media content can be a challenge. To help your restaurant stand out on social platforms, we’ve gathered 30 restaurant social media post ideas that will tempt your audience and keep them coming back for more.


1. Dish of the Day

Feature a daily special or signature dish. Share mouthwatering photos and descriptions to entice your followers.


socmed content engagement2. Behind-the-Scenes

Take your audience on a journey behind the scenes in your kitchen. Showcase the talented chefs and their culinary creations.


3. Customer Testimonials

Share positive reviews or testimonials from satisfied diners. It adds authenticity and encourages trust.


4. Ingredient Spotlight

Highlight a key ingredient you use in your dishes. Explain its importance and how it elevates your cuisine.


5. Chef’s Recommendations

Let your chef recommend their personal favorites from the menu. Add a personal touch by sharing their story.


6. Themed Events

Promote upcoming events, such as wine tastings, live music nights, or special holiday menus.


7. Food Pairing Tips

Offer tips on pairing food and beverages, like wine and cheese or craft beer and appetizers.


8. Local Ingredients

Showcase your commitment to local produce. Feature a local supplier or farmer you work with.


9. Food Facts

Share interesting food facts, like the history of a dish or the health benefits of certain ingredients.


10. Flashback Friday

Take your followers down memory lane with a throwback post featuring an iconic dish from your menu.


11. DIY Recipes

Share simplified versions of your recipes for home cooks to try. Encourage user-generated content by asking followers to share their attempts.


12. Seasonal Specials

Announce your seasonal menu items and the ingredients you’re using, emphasizing freshness and flavor.


13. Meet the Staff

Introduce your team members, from the hostess to the kitchen crew. Share their roles and personalities.


14. Restaurant History

Share the story of how your restaurant came to be, its milestones, and the journey so far.


15. Polls and Surveys

Engage your audience by running polls and surveys. Ask questions like, “What should our next special be?”


16. Celebrate Food Holidays

Join in on national food holidays like National Pizza Day or International Sushi Day. Create special promotions or menu items for the occasion.


17. Food Artistry

Highlight the artistic presentation of your dishes. Share photos of beautifully plated meals.


18. Weekly Features

Create a recurring theme like “Taco Tuesday” or “Wine Wednesday” to keep your audience excited about weekly specials.


19. Customer Spotlights

Feature loyal customers or share their photos and experiences at your restaurant.


20. Food Challenges

Challenge your followers to participate in food-related challenges, like trying your spiciest dish or creating a unique  combination.


21. Local Community Support

Show your restaurant’s involvement in the local community, such as charity events or partnerships with local businesses.


22. Historical Facts

Share interesting facts about the history of certain dishes or food traditions. Educate and entertain your audience.


23. Chef’s Table Experience

Highlight the exclusive chef’s table experience, showcasing the exquisite dishes and personalized service.


24. Employee of the Month

Recognize and celebrate outstanding employees, whether it’s the chef, server, or dishwasher.


25. Share Recipes with a Twist

Take a classic recipe and give it a unique twist that reflects your restaurant’s style.


26. Guest Takeovers

Let a guest, such as a local food blogger or influencer, take over your social media for a day to share their dining experience.


social media marketing perth27. Food and Wine Pairing Tips

Offer recommendations on pairing specific dishes with wines or other beverages available at your restaurant.


28. Food Prep Time-Lapse

Create engaging time-lapse videos showing the preparation of a dish from start to finish.


29. Local Attractions

Promote nearby attractions, parks, or events that complement a visit to your restaurant.


30. Contests and Giveaways

Run contests and giveaways with prizes like a free meal or a cooking class. Encourage user participation.



With these 30 restaurant social media post ideas, you can spice up your social media presence, engage your audience, and keep them coming back for more culinary delights. Remember to be consistent in your posting, interact with your followers, and adapt your strategy based on what resonates most with your audience. Social media is a dynamic and creative platform, so have fun, experiment, and let your restaurant’s personality shine through every post.



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