Perfect Snacks to Pair With Coffee

snacks and coffee

Whether you are sipping while at home, in the office or while you are on the move, every cup of coffee deserves a snack companion. If you are wondering what are the best snacks that you can take with your coffee, then look no further. Below are some of the snacks that you can perfectly pair with your cup of coffee.

Cheesecake. Coffee and cheesecake is a match made in heaven. The Cheesecake’s soft creaminess perfectly blends and balances with the strong and bitter taste of coffee. There are numerous types of cheesecakes that you can pair with your coffee but cheesecake brownie is certainly the best. The chemistry between a cup of hot coffee and a slice of cheesecake brings out the best of the two and it will keep your tongue tantalized.

Scones. Whether you love fruit scones or simply plain scones with your favorite jam, scones perfectly go down with any cup of coffee.

donutThe classic flavored bread. If you don’t like the saturated sweetness of cakes, you can opt to take your coffee with flavored bread which can be fruit bread such as lemon loaf, banana bread, walnut chocolate, cinnamon bread, banana bread among others.

Donuts. Donuts and coffee form an amazing combination that is a hit with every coffee lover. It could be cinnamon sprinkled, stuffed, sugar and cinnamon or just plain glazed donuts.

Pies. Chicken pies, vegetable pies, meat pies etc. are some of the best types of pies that you that you can pair with your cup of coffee.

Sandwich is one of the sweetest snacks that go with coffee perfectly. Depending on your preference, you can accompany your cup with toasted, grilled, ham, egg or vegetable sandwich.

Tarts. Cream filled, jam filled, custard or simple tarts make one of the best snacks for coffee.

Crackers. The main reason why crackers are one of the best snacks to take with coffee is the crunchy and tasty feel that they leave in the mouth. They are also light on the tummy. Depending on your taste, you can have herbed or plain butter crackers with your coffee.

Chocolate Cookies. Although Chocolate cookies might be the healthiest snack on this list, they are also among the tastiest. Coffee and chocolate make an excellent pair and if you have a commute in the morning, you can give yourself a simple treat with this sweet combination.

Dried Apple Slices. Dried apple slices come in two flavors: the sweet and refreshing red apples or the sour green apples. Either flavor is a great snack to take with your coffee.

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