How A Bakery Can Thrive During The COVID Crisis

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When the COVID-19 became a global pandemic last March 2020, most of the social gatherings, activities, and events were immediately put on hold or even canceled to stop the spread of the virus. And as a result, businesses from various industries were forced to cease operations to the point that some companies and establishments had to declare bankruptcy.

Even bakeries that offer different specialty bread and pastries around the country were not saved from the economic challenges brought by the current health crisis. Now as most experts say that we’re still a long way from going back to the “old normal”, what can you do to make sure your bakeshop business can survive the present pandemic?

If you need guidance on this matter, we invite you to continue reading as we’ll provide you with tips that you can follow to ensure your bakery can thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


Leverage On Social Media At The Time Of Social Distancing

One way of promoting your bakery is to develop a high-impact social media plan by aggressively leveraging different online platforms to inspire, engage, and update your customers. With social media channels, you can post product pictures, share baking ideas, or encourage customers to support local COVID-19 relief efforts to help the community.

With this marketing plan, you can promote your business and reach out to many people without having to go outside and spending much.

Capitalize On Peak Selling Seasons

Almost all businesses now are operating at reduced hours, so you need to make sure your business hours fall under the “peak hours” of the day or the time when people are mostly thinking of baked goodies. To be specific, you can offer doughnuts, muffins, and other breakfast items during early mornings and sweet pastries during the afternoon selling period. You can also partner with a local restaurant so you can be their dessert provider for their carryout or takeout meals.

Know Where Your Customers Are And Meet Them

If feasible, try to offer a delivery service to your customers within the vicinity of your business. This way, you can deliver orders at their doorstep to drive more sales. Take note that most people today prefer to stay home unless they need to go out. So let your customers stay home while giving them an opportunity to support your business at the same time.

And for customers who are working outside essential industries, providing a curbside delivery or drive-thru option for them helps limit physical exposure to your consumers while still satisfying their needs.

Make The Most Of Modern Technology

To ensure business prosperity within and outside your current environment, inform your customers that they can order online or partner with delivery apps so your bakery will be included in the food services that most people are using now.

Investigate Further Options

Last but not least, many communities in the country are doing their best to support local businesses. So we recommend you to check with the city’s chamber of commerce and know how they are helping local businesses by promotion, sharing of information, or providing financial counseling and similar services.


Overall, these are the things you need to do to keep your bakery business afloat, or possibly scale, amidst the economic turmoil brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, if you’re looking for a bakery in Waukesha, WI, you can check out The Steaming Cup’s website today.

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